What is a Group Drive?

A group drive is a place for groups, projects or collaborations of researchers to share files and data among themselves.

The standard quota for a group drive is 1TB but you can let us know by email: servicedesk@scu.edu.au if you need more.

One or more researchers can manage the group drive and you can be in as many as you need.

Group drives can also be used as clearing houses for instrument or field data collection with integration into your scientific workflow.

To apply for a group drive please get in contact with us at:

and please include the following information:

  • Group name.
  • Group drive owner/manager.
  • Department or work unit
  • Approximate storage size required.
  • Email addresses of members in the group.

NOTE: There may be extra charges depending on the amount of storage required and should be factored in with grant applications or submissions.