Installing CloudStor Desktop Client

  1. Paste in internet browser.

2. Select operating system from menu :


3. Follow install instructions to install the client.

4. Install and open the ownCloud Desktop Sync Client

5. You will be prompted for the server address, enter click "Next"

6. Enter your institutional email address as your username and the sync password you created (not the password for your institutional login) and then click "Next"

7. Ensure ‘Sync Everything” is select and then click “Connect” and Cloudstor will start synchronising your data.

 8. To view folders via windows file explorer, open file explorer.

9. In the directory list under desktop you will see the green person icon with your name.

10. Click on Cloudstor icon the expand the folders you have access to from the web client.

11. To access work group folder, click on Shared folder to expand.

12. Click on the required folder you require access to.

13. If saving or adding documents its approximately a few seconds to 30 sec to update the web client. If large volumes of data can take a while.