Known Issue: Turnitin assignment not uploading in Safari

As at:  

Some students are unable to upload their assignment to the Turnitin submission portal when using the browser Safari. 


Once the steps to upload the document have been completed,  the page stays on 'updating' until it eventually times out. 


Mac computers when using the browser Safari.

Workaround 1:   

Use a different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox

Google Chrome is the preferred browser for Blackboard

If you don't have Google Chrome installed on your computer, download from the official website:

Workaround 2:   

Change the following settings in Safari:

Click on Safari > Preferences > Privacy tab 

  • Untick "Block all cookies".  We need to allow third-party cookies as some website will not function correctly.

  • Next click the "Manage Website Data"
  • Look for the following cached websites
  • If any of these sites are listed, click Remove.

  • Click Done
  • You will need to close down Safari for the effects to take place before trying to submit again