How to watch a Zoom Recording

How to watch the Zoom Cloud recording from your Blackboard site

Step 1: Click the Zoom Sessions and Recordings tab from the left navigational menu.

This tab name may vary depending on how your Blackboard site has been set up.

Step 2:  The Zoom page will open in a new browser. 

Click the Cloud Recordings tab

Helpful Hint

Zoom start and end dates are displayed by the user's Zoom profile account setting preferences. Please make sure your Zoom account is set to the correct time zone. To change your time zone, click on the pencil symbol.

Step 3:  For the recording you want to watch, click on the topic name

Step 5: You will see multiple files. From the below screenshot we can see two files, Audio-Only-1 and Recording-1. Also, note the file size.

Locate the Recording-1 file and click the centre play button.

Step 6: All Zoom videos require a passcode.  Once you click the Play button you will see a green message Copy Passcode to Clipboard.  

The Zoom passcode has now been copied to your computer clipboard

If you need to reveal the passcode, click the play button again, and the eye button will appear.

Step 7:  If the page does automatically redirect, you may need to click the play button again.

Paste in the Passcode into the field and click Watch Recording.