Using Groups for Collaborate Sessions

To minimise confusion for all, especially students, you may wish to consider utilising the Groups function within your learning site. Doing this will allow you to create a session that is visible and accessible to a specific group of students. In this case, those based on enrolment location, or tutor groups.

We create groups in your learning sites based on students’ enrolment locations. These are what we are going to use here, but you can do the same if you manually create groups based on Tutor Groups.

Step 1: Open your learning site and click on Site Tools > Users and Groups > Groups 

Step 2: Hover over the group name and select Edit Group 

Step 3: Make the following group changes:

  • Change the name of the group to suit, e.g. Coffs Harbour Collaborate Sessions 
  • Group is visible to students change to Yes
  • Untick Discussion Board, Email
  • Tick Blackboard Collaborate Ultra 
    • If you are not recording the session, choose:   Do not allow student group members to create or access recordings
    • If you need to record the session, choose: Allow group members to create and access recordings
  • Click Submit to save your settings

Step 4: Open the Group – either click on the name, or select Open Group when hovering over the name  

Step 5: Delete the first box called Group Properties 

Step 5: Delete the last box called Group Assignments 

Step 6: Students will see this appear under the MyGroups area of the site at the bottom of the menu.

We suggest you add the Demo User into one of these groups and click on the Go to Student View and walk through the process as your students will. This will enable you to guide them to their future sessions.