How to play and Embedded YouTube video from Powerpoint while in a Collaborate Ultra Session

This information guide provides instructions on how to play a YouTube video from within Collaborate Ultra
This method only works in Google Chrome

Step 1: Upload your Powerpoint presentation into OneDrive before your session is due to start.

Unsure how to use OneDrive, please refer to this article:   How do I use OneDrive?

Step 2:  In Google Chrome, open your SCU webmail account:

Step 3: From the left corner, click on the 9 squares 

Select Powerpoint from the dropdown menu

Step 4: Open the Powerpoint document that you want to share for your Collaborate Ultra session

Step 5: Open a second tab in Google Chrome and join your Collaborate Ultra session

  1. Click on Share Content
  2. Click on Share Application/Screen
  3. Select Chrome Tab
  4. Select the Powerpoint tab
  5. Down the bottom, click the Share Audio Checkbox
  6. Click the Share button

Step 6: Start the Powerpoint presentation

Step 7:  Press the YouTube play button.