How to submit a Turnitin assignment

This article provides instructions on how to upload an assignment into Turnitin as this is a two-step process.  If your submission does not look like this, you may have a Blackboard assignment.  Please refer to these instructions:   How do I submit an assignment on Blackboard?

When submitting an assignment fails, let your UA, and the Service Desk know!

In the event that you have not been successfully following this guide and having attempted to submit your assignment via Turnitin on a weekend, or outside of SCU business hours, please contact your Unit Assessor and submit an Online Request with the Service Desk. This will notify your Unit Assessor of the time you were having difficulties and will ensure a record of the date and time the request was received by the Service Desk. This may assist in gaining special consideration. 

Submit a support request via our Online Request any time and we will reply as promptly as possible.

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The Following steps provide the information, 'How to submit a Turnitin assignment'

Step 1:  Log into your Blackboard account at and open your unit.

Step 2: From the left menu, click on Assignment tasks and submissions.

Sometimes the assessment items are located in a different area within your learning site. You may need to check some of the other assignment information sections.

Step 3: Search for the specific assignment and click the View/Complete button.   The assignment submission link will look similar to this:

Step 4: Click the blue Submit  button

If the due date is passed and the submission is closed, please contact the unit assessor.

Step 5: Type in a submission title and upload the file from your computer

Turnitin will only accept certain file types:  Review this link for Turnitin submission limitations and file types

Step 6: Once the file is attached, click the Upload button

Step 7: Once the file has been processed, click the Confirm button

Step 8.   Upon successful submission of a Turnitin assignment, you will receive a digital receipt. It is recommended you keep a record of these receipts