How do I view my feedback for a Turnitin Assignment?

This article provides instructions on how to review your Turnitin assignment feedback from within Blackboard

Viewing your Turnitin feedback will depend on how your lecturer has marked your assignment, We've highlighted two different ways,  if one doesn't work, try the other.

To view your Turnitin feedback, first login to MySCU and navigate to your Grades and Feedback area.

Method 1

Step 1: Click the little speech bubble next to your grade or mark


Method 2

Step 2: Click on the bold item title

Step 3: Depending on how the feedback has been provided you will either see comments & and an uploaded file in the "Feedback from Instructor" area of the page;

or you will need to click the "MyPaper" icon which will take you to your Turnitin Feedback studio

Step 4: Once in the feedback studio, your feedback could be in a few different locations.  This also depends on how your lecturer has marked your assignment 

  • Look for the blue bubbles
  • View the rubric
  • Look for a text comment