Teams - What you should know before you request a Microsoft Team

A brief out line of the types of teams TS will deploy for staff, and a break down of what TS will support and what you as a user/owner will be responsible for.
Types of Teams

Technology Services will provision two types of Microsoft Teams for staff.

  1. A Microsoft Team for your work unit

  2. A Microsoft Team for short term cross work unit projects 

Work Unit Microsoft Team

  • This will be a Microsoft Team for the entire work unit.
  • Its creation will need to be approved by the Head of Work Unit and owners will need to be nominated by the Head of Work Unit.
  • You will be able to create a channel for your team for collaboration around your operational work. 
  • You will also be able to create a channel for communication and collaboration for projects within your work unit
  • If you need to have restricted communication within your work unit Microsoft Team you can create a Private Channel which will allow you to add only those you want to the channel.
  • We recommend that only members of the work unit be made a member of a work unit Microsoft Team, if there is a requirement for someone out side of the work unit to access resources within the team, those resources should be shared

Short Term Project Microsoft Team

  • This will be a Microsoft Team to support a project that requires staff from more than one work unit.
  • This Microsoft Team will only last for the life of the project and will be deleted once the project is completed.
  • The Owner of the team will need to move any files associated with the project to another location before the Microsoft Team is deleted.
  • The Head of Work Unit Responsible for the Project will need to approve the creation of the Microsoft Team and Nominate the owners of the Microsoft Team

Information you should include in your request for a Microsoft team

Following is some information that Technology Services will need to create a new team;

  • Approval from the Head of Work Unit (either and email attached to the request or the Head of Work Unit making the request)
  • The name of the work unit who will own the Microsoft Team
  • If the Microsoft Team is for a project, the name of the project (this will form part of the name of the Microsoft Team) and its duration.

Also include:

  • Teams Name: Needs to be in the form of 2,3 letter department then team name. Eg, FoE - Executive Dean
  • Owners: Must be at least two who will administer and add members.
  • Estimated number of members: Must be all staff members only, no students at this stage.
  • Purpose: Cross-work unit or project communication?
  • Scope: Is this a project-based team? How many work units, and schools will be involved?
  • Will the team expire?

Supporting Microsoft Teams

Technology Services will support the following aspects of Microsoft Teams;

  • Creating a team at the request of the Head of Work Unit
  • Making sure the team is available for use
  • Adding owners to the team when the team is created 
  • Backing up the team

As an Owner you will be responsible for the following; 

  • Adding new owners after the Microsoft Team has been created KB
  • Adding members to the team KB
  • Managing the configuration of the Microsoft Team KB
  • Extending the life of the team KB

As an Owner or User you will be responsible for the following;

  • Managing your documents;
    • File version control KB
    • Sharing files KB
    • Syncing files to you computer  KB
    • Recovering deleted documents from the team recycle bin KB
  • Creating channels KB
  • Deleting channels KB
  • Adding and managing Tabs KB
  • Managing Microsoft Planner KB

Technology Services will provide comprehensive knowledge base articles to support you using Microsoft Teams. If there is something you think is not covered please contact Service Desk and let us know.