Printing services terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to your use of your Southern Cross University (University) Student ID Card (Card) to load funds on your Card to access printing and copying services (Payment Function).

Please read these terms and conditions before you use the Payment Function. By using the Payment Function, you accept these terms and conditions.

If you have any questions or issues relating to use of your Card or the Payment Function, please contact the Library on +61 2 6620 3752.

Printing and copying

  1. The Payment Function enables you to load funds on your Card to pay for certain printing and copying services at the University. The University does not charge you a fee to use the Payment Function.
  2. These funds can be loaded using a paystation on the University campus.
  3. Any funds you load on your Card are stored on your Card only.
    1. You are not entitled to receive cash in exchange for funds on your Card in any circumstances.
    2. You are not entitled to transfer funds on your Card to any other person.
    3. You are not entitled to a refund of funds loaded on your Card in any circumstances (including when you suspend, withdraw from, or complete your course(s) at the University or your enrolment is terminated by the University).
    4. You cannot have a negative balance on your Card. If, for any reason whatsoever, your printing and copying usage exceeds the amount of funds on your Card and your Card reverts to a negative balance, this amount will become a debt owed to the University and the University may take steps to recover such debt.
    5. The funds on your Card expire and are no longer available to you when you cease enrolment with the University.
  4. You should only load your Card with the amount of funds you reasonably expect to use. In any event, if you ever attempt to load more than $5,000 on your Card, any amount in excess of $5,000 will immediately become the property of the University and will be held beneficially by the University. You will have no entitlement to this excess amount by way of a refund or otherwise.
  5. You can view the funds on your Card by touching the card near the card reader on a paystation.
  6. If your Card is lost, stolen or damaged, and you comply with these terms and conditions, the University will transfer unused funds to your new Card
  7. You must use the printing and copying services in accordance with any instructions and any directions from University personnel. You must ensure you end your transaction when you have finished using the printing and copying services.
  8. You must report any misprints or paper jams to University personnel. You will not be charged for misprints caused by paper jams or poor quality prints that are not due to your misuse of the printing or copying services.
  9. The University may collect and use information relating to your use of your Card and the Payment Function, including what funds you load on your Card and how and when these funds are used. This information will be used by the University to administer the printing and copying services and for other related purposes. Any personal information will be handled by the University in accordance with the .
  10. The University is not responsible for any unauthorised use of your Card or for any loss arising from your failure to comply with these terms and conditions.
  11. The University may update these terms and conditions from time to time. You will be notified by email of any updated terms and conditions. The updated terms and conditions will take effect 14 days after the email notification was sent. Any subsequent use by you of the Payment Function will constitute your acceptance of the updated terms and conditions.