How do I print on campus at SCU?

This article will explain how to print from an SCU computer.

All print jobs are held in a centralised queue called “Follow You”, linked to your SCU computer (email) account and student/staff card, for 3 hours or until collected at any SCU printer.

Send your document to the print queue:  

On an SCU computer (lab, library, or staff)

  • use the software’s normal printing functions and select the “Follow-You” printer.

On your own device

Collect your printing

Step 1: Go to any SCU printer within 3 hours of sending to the print queue

Step 2: Swipe your student/staff card at the card reader (looks just like the card readers near the doors around campus) to log in.

If you've forgotten your card, or get a "login failed" message please see the instructions here

Step 3: A list of items sent to the printer by your computer account will appear

Step 4: Use the touch panel to select the item/s you want to print