Introduction to email safety and Mimecast

Email presents a significant cyber security risk, exposing the University to a range of threats such as fraud, identity theft and data breaches. To combat this risk, the University has engaged the services of the email security platform "Mimecast" to proactively manage email threats and improve the internet safety of staff and students.

How does this affect you?

  • Daily spam digest email – provides full transparency and control on any messages held as spam so you can ensure that legitimate, safe messages aren’t missed. Plus, you will still be able to instantly block any spam that sneaks through.
  • Protection from malicious URLs – instant checking for potentially malicious or phishing content when a web link (URL) is opened from email, protecting you from security threats; See how it works in this short video
  • Protection from impersonation scams – if Mimecast suspects an email is not from the person it says it is, the message will be marked as ‘suspicious’, further protecting you from phishing attacks; see how it works here with this short video

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