How do I create an email signature?

To add your contact details and information at the bottom of your emails.

To create an email signature in Outlook desktop application, please visit this page: How to create and add signatures in Outlook

To create an email signature in Outlook on the web (Webmail):

Step 1: Sign into your email account

Step 2: In the upper right hand corner click on the cog wheel, select View all Outlook settings

Step 3: Under the Compose and reply heading and select Email Signature

Step 4: Type or insert the signature you would like included on emails you send in the box.

  • You can also add an image (such as the SCU logo) by using the image button on the left-hand side of the menu.
  • Tick one or both of the buttons that automatically include your signature on emails. After you have finished creating your signature press 'Save'.


If you do not select the checkbox option you will have to manually put your signature on emails that you would like to have a signature on. To do this:

Once finished writing your email select the three dots then select Insert signature from the menu, as pictured

Email Templates

Southern Cross University staff email templates can be found from the Marketing website.  Please visit this page: Staff only templates.