What is the full number if somebody was calling me from off-campus?

Following are the prefixes if you were to call a campus number when off-campus.

Coffs Harbour8xxxx02 6659 xxxx
NMSC88xxx026659 8xxx
Lismore73xxx02 66 20 3xxx

79xxx02 66 26 9xxx
Gold Coast9xxxx07 5589 xxxx
Sydney132xx02 8249 32xx
Melbourne134xx03 9601 34xx

For example if you number was 83080 = 02 66 593080 or 73698 = 02 66 203698

Only use these when NOT utilising the campus phone handset (e.g. Huawei, Polycom). If you use the full number using the campus phones, they will incur increased costs.

Calling Between Campus Phones - use the short number (tie-line number) e.g. 9xxxx, 8xxxx & 7xxxx