How to log in & out with your extension number on any Huawei phone (deskphone)

You can login to any Huawei phone on any campus with your extension number and the phone will behave exactly as though you were at your normal desk - you can make and receive calls from your number, access voice mail etc. When you login to a new phone any existing login will be automatically logged out. Staff will only be assigned one number, at their 'base' campus and use that number where ever they are working.

Log In

To login to the phone enter your extension number in the top field.

For most people you can now just press the button below where "Log In" is showing on the screen.

If you have been issues a password, use the down arrow key to move to the password field and enter your password, then press Log in.

Note: To swap between numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters and symbols press the soft key for 123 or ABC. This is button is indicated by the red arrow below.

Log Out

To log out of the phone Enter the apps menu.

You may need to press the softkey more to make the softkey apps accessible, press the softkey to access it.

Use the arrow keys to highlight Log out and press softkey Select.

Press the softkey ok to confirm

You are now logged out of the phone