FAQ for computer supply and replacement

Q: Can our school/work unit request non-standard items such as an additional monitor above the standard of one per user?
A: If a school/cost centre requests additional monitor/s, above the standard of one, the school/work unit will be requested to add a HoWU/Delegate approved business case to support their provision.

Q: Can a school/cost centre obtain an additional computer for a new or additional staff member?
A: The aim of the new process is cost-efficiency. All schools and cost centres are to endeavour to find a computer for new or additional staff from within existing computer resources, and from any campus. The university does not want the size (and cost) of the fleet to grow. TS will issue a new PC upon receipt of advice from the Head of Work Unit that no surplus computer is available within the school, from any campus.

Q: What happens if no computer replacement is available in the school, on any campus, for a new staff member?
A: CIO Technology Services (or delegate) can approve an increase in the fleet if exceptional circumstances exist that are supported by the Head of Work Unit.

Q: Does our school/cost centre have to return a computer when issued with the new computer?
A: Yes, the computer to be replaced is to be returned. If a school/cost centre is storing excess computers that could be reallocated they should be handed in to TS. Any old computers that are out of warranty should be written off, by the school/cost centre, through the existing asset write-off process and returned to TS at your campus.

Q: Our school/cost centre has a user who has reviewed the standard computers and none of these meets their needs. What can we do to obtain a computer that meets their needs?
A: CIO Technology Services will only consider a detailed case made with the written support of the Head of Work Unit.

Q: Does our school still provide a computer to part-time staff?
A: If the staff member is 2 days per week or less the staff member should share a PC or use a Hot Desk. If the staff member works more than 2 days per week they can be issued by TS with a computer, if no computer exists within the school that they can use. TS will only issue a new PC upon receipt of advice from the Head of Work Unit that no surplus computer is available within the school, from any campus.

Q: Our school/cost centre has an externally funded project running and requires a computer/s. How are these provided?
A: The school/cost centre should, as in the past, budget for technology for the project and TS will provide the computer/s and seek reimbursement for their cost.

Q: Our school/cost centre has an internally funded project running and requires a computer/s. How are these provided?
A: TS will provide the computers for the duration of the project and they are to be returned to TS on completion of the project.

Q: Can a staff member replace an older and heavier laptop before it is due for a replacement to obtain a newer, faster and lighter laptop?
A: No, TS will only replace laptops when they fall due. It would be inefficient and uneconomical to replace laptops just so staff can obtain new technology or lighter laptops early.

Q: What is the process to purchase a replacement printer or MFD?
A: TS will only approve a replacement or additional MFD/printer or MFD in exceptional circumstances. The University has a centrally located and managed fleet of MFD's at all campuses.

Q: Can I purchase any computer I want with my Grants, Research, Citation or Awards funding?
A: No, only standard SCU computer models will be supplied and the appropriate funding source invoiced/debited. Approval by the CIO Technology Services, supported by the Head of School, is required to vary away from standard computer models.

Q: Does TS pay for the replacement of my computer/laptop and/or power supply if I lose or damage them?
A: The School or Cost Centre will be charged for the full replacement cost of a complete laptop or computer that is lost or damaged. TS will centrally replace faulty batteries or lost/faulty chargers costing under $200. For damaged equipment costing greater than $200 to repair TS will provide a quote to facilitate an order by the School or Cost Centre.

Q: Does TS re-use non-leased computer monitors?
A: Yes, to maximise their use potential, some new computers/laptops will be issued with second-hand monitors.