Setting up a session

Create a new session for each lecture or tutorial or set up an open ongoing session.

Watch the Video overview to see how to do this.

Getting started

  • Log into MySCU and enter into your unit.
  • Click on the Collaborate Ultra link.
  • Click on Create Session.

Setting up session details

  • Add a session a name (1) e.g. Tutorial week 1.
  • Choose whether guests are allowed by clicking on Guest access (2).
    Note: the Guest access button only appears after you have given the session a name.
  • Set a time and date for Start (3) and End (4).
    Note: Early entry is advised so that students can ensure they are ready for the start of the session; the standard is 15 minutes.

If you only want an open session, click on the Open session; a start date for the time and day created will appear with no end date.

  • Remember to name your sessions and recordings with enough details so students can tell what topics are covered in the session recording e.g. Module 1 Lecture - Acceleration.
  • Click on Session Settings (5) to access additional settings for your new session. Check the following options:

a. Default role is Participant.

b. Allow recording downloads.

c. Choose what participants can do.

  • Click the save button to create the session (6).

Entering the session

  • Click on Collaborate Ultra.
  • Click on the session name to join.
  • Click on Join session to enter the classroom.
  • You can also share a link to a session as an announcement to make this easier for students to find.

(Please note - it's better to refer to the Online version rather than export, as it's always up to date)