How to structure your session

Creating engaging sessions comes down to planning. Make sure that you have planned out how you will break your lecture into chunks to keep students engaged. What activities have you planned?
Always use best practices to prepare and deliver your sessions. 

You will need to…

Planning your students’ learning experience

Example of a good powerpoint slide

Example of a good Powerpoint slide

  • Less is more on your PowerPoint slides – remember each slide should have one concept and no more than 3 points – slides should complement what you are discussing.
  • Change slides often to keep students engaged.
  • If you have a large class, use breakout groups for discussions.

Using the whiteboard

Leave blank slides in your presentation for planned student activities, or you can return to the share files and share a whiteboard. Either option provides students with the tool bar for writing and annotating.

Student engagement tools

There are several engagement tools that students can use to provide feedback about their learning experience. Plan on using these effectively.

Polling can be used to check the student’s understanding during a lecture or activity.

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