Customising your Collaborate session

After creating a session, you can customise your session to help improve the student experience.

Watch the video overview to see how to do this.

To customise your session

You will need to…

  • Click into your Collaborate Ultra session.

 Set up your profile
  • You can add a profile picture so students can see your face when you do not have your video on.
  • You can also encourage students to upload an image of themselves so you can see your students even if the video is turned off.
 Set Audio and Video Settings

Audio and video settings

  • Set up your mic and headset.
  • Make sure that you use a USB headset so that you have good audio.
  • This is important so when students watch the recording after the live session has finished they have clear and easy-to-listen-to videos. This helps creates a useful resource for students.

 Set Notification Settings

Notification settings

There are 4 sections under Notifications; take note of these areas:

  • The first area: the join settings pop-up can be turned off otherwise a notification pops up every time a student enters or leaves the session. In large classes this can be distracting for the moderator.
  • The second area can all be turned off if you do not want a notification every time someone posts to the chat area. This is at the teacher’s discretion and depends on the number of students.
  • The last area: make sure to check the pop-up notification so you can see if someone raises their hand to ask a question. You can turn the Audio notification on, which means each time a student raises their hand you receive an audible sound. In large classes this can be distracting.

 Set what students can do in the session

Setting what students can do in a session

  • This will depend on what you tick in the session settings.
  • This will allow students to chat with the moderator or other students.
  • Draw on whiteboard and PowerPoints.
  • You will need to determine how much interactivity you want from your students and plan accordingly.

Remember to set rules and expectations for these tools so students understand when and how you want them to participate.

Downloadable File Version

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