Adding activities into your session

After creating a session, you will want to add activities into your presentation to help engage students and provide formative assessment on their learning.

You will need to...

  • Click into your Collaborate Ultra Session.
  • Provide slides in your presentation to give context to the activities.
  • Link the activities to the assessments and learning outcomes (LOs) in your unit.

Activities with the Whiteboard

Using the Whiteboard

You can have students work together on a whiteboard to solve problems and brainstorm ideas. The interactive nature of using the whiteboard to solve problems invites group collaboration, keeps participants engaged and makes lasting impressions. Having multiple participants take turns using the whiteboard creates engagement.

Encourage students to draw fun visuals that relate to the topic with different colour markers to make the whiteboarding session more interesting.

To use the whiteboard effectively:

  1. Focus your purpose – make sure you have a clear purpose and an end product in mind when using the whiteboard.
  2. Organise ideas using the drag feature as ideas emerge on the whiteboard so ideas are grouped.
  3. Create an area to hold ideas that fall outside of the purpose but could be addressed at a later date or through a Q&A document.

Activities for sharing a screen

Sharing a video

Sharing a short video can enhance a lecture or tutorial. You can use a video to emphasise a meaning or as a discussion point, and when needed, stop the video to discuss different parts and relate it back to theory or the current unit learnings - this helps students to visualise and engage with the content.

Remember to always tie the video back to the unit LOs or assessments.

Sharing software

Sharing an application is a good way to walk a student through how to use a specific piece of software. They can follow along as you demonstrate how to complete a specific task. This is a great example of I DO (Instructor demonstrates), WE DO, you have the class complete a task as you demonstrate so they can ask questions along the way, and YOU DO, you have the students complete a task on their own.

Sharing a website

Sharing a website is similar to sharing a video. It is a good way to walk students through a website that they may need to use often (such as a library site)  or show them how to look for journal articles.

Activities with PowerPoint

Working through a problem (math or other)

You can use your mouse to write on the whiteboard, however, an iPad or surface with a pencil allows you to log into a Collaborate Ultra session as a second user so you can write on the whiteboard using the pencil, blank slides in the PowerPoint presentation or slides with problems already on them. 

This allows you to work through them in real time with students just as if you were writing on a whiteboard in front of a class.  You can then provide the students with practice problems and have them provide you with the steps (explain how they solved it) as you write it out in the online classroom.

Activities in breakout groups

Group work in breakout groups

Breakout groups can be used for discussions, solving problems, brainstorming or working on questions that will then be reported back to the full group. See Using Breakout Groups Effectively for more details.

(Please note - it's better to refer to the Online version rather than export, as it's always up to date)