Tracking and grading H5P

This document will guide you on:

H5P reports

One of the more useful features of H5P is the ability to track individual student performance on H5P content types that include scoring. These reports include information on the student details, number of attempts, first, last and best score.

Enable tracking for H5P

Ensure that under the Publish settings you have enabled Protected mode. Only protected content will generate reports or interact with the Blackboard Grade Centre. Public publishing options (including links and embedding) will not track results in reports or in the Blackboard Grade Centre. 

H5P content types which can be reported on include:

  • interactive video
  • question set
  • column
  • summary
  • single choice set
  • mark the words
  • drag text
  • true/false
  • drag and drop
  • multiple choice
  • fill in the blanks.

Accessing H5P reports

There are two ways to access H5P reports - using the Blackboard content editor +Plus button or through the H5P library.

1. Using Blackboard content editor

  1. H5P content that has been added through the +Plus button in the Bb content editor includes a reporting interface.
    To access the reports, click on Reports at the top of the H5P item. Note: This will load only results related to that specific H5P.

2. Access the H5P editor

  1. Click Build Content > Add H5P Content to load the H5P library (alternatively, you can log in directly through

    On the H5P main menu, click on a H5P you have created and look for the Reports option at the top.

    Click Reports to open the report.

Where the Reports option is missing

If there is no Reports option present, this indicates that this H5P either has public publishing turned on or the H5P content type does not support report tracking. You can use Bb statistics tracking to monitor student interactions instead.

Viewing an individual H5P student report

Once you have opened a report, you can view each individual student's performance.

  1. Click on the student's name to view their individualised report. A list of their attempts will be shown. 

  2. Click on an attempt date to view the student's results for that attempt, including the answers they selected.

Deleting student H5P attempts

  1. It is possible to delete a student's attempt by clicking on the trash can icon

  2. After clicking the trash can you will be prompted to confirm the action by clicking Delete.

    You can also select multiple students and delete all of them by ticking the box next to their names and then clicking the Delete option at the top of the screen.

Adding H5P to the Blackboard Grade Centre

Student results from a H5P interactive can be added directly into the Blackboard Grade Centre so that student progress can be tracked using the Grade Centre. 

Warning about using H5P for summative assessments 

It is possible for computer-savvy learners to cheat in H5P and always achieve a full score. For this reason, H5P that contains a graded solution (e.g. quiz) should not be used for exams or summative assessment tasks.  An exam mode is currently being developed which will provide higher security and will be available at some point in the future.

In order to track H5P in Grade Centre, you need to add the H5P as a link and ensure that it is set to Protected mode, so that students' results can be tracked.

  1. Click Build Content>Add H5P content.

  2. Open or create a H5P from the library, then set the Publish settings to Protected mode.
  3. Set how you wish to track students' attempts (first, last or best). Click Save and Insert to create the link and add to Grade Centre.

Accessing H5P grades

  1. To access the grades, open Full Grade Centre from the Site Management toolbar located at the bottom left side of your learning site.

  2. The far-right column added to the Grade Centre will be the H5P activity, with the column named after the H5P title.

  3. Make sure that you turn off Grade Centre Calculations and Show this Column to Students to prevent scores from being included in student grades.
    To do this, click on the chevron next to the H5P column and choose Edit Column Information. Set the options as below.

Changing the H5P score value in Grade Centre

To change the score from the default out of 10 points, you need to edit the H5P link.

  1. In Edit mode, click on the chevron next to the H5P link and chose Edit.

  2. From this screen, you can modify the numerical score and change the column name in Grade Centre by renaming it. You can also hide the link from students and set due dates for the activity.


Using running totals in Grade Centre

If you plan to use the Running Total feature of Grade Centre, you must edit the column information to exclude H5P activities from the calculation, otherwise the student grades will be skewed.

  1. Click on the chevron next to the Running Total column, and choose Edit Column Information.

  2. Select the correct columns to include in the running total. In this example, there are 2 assignments and one online quiz included in the student grade.

  3. Click Submit to save the changes.

(Please note - it's better to refer to the Online version rather than export, as it's always up to date)