Adding H5P results to Grade Centre

Student results from a H5P interactive can be added directly into the Blackboard Grade Centre to help track student progress. 

Never use H5P for summative assessment

It is possible for computer-savvy learners to cheat in H5P and always achieve a full score. For this reason, H5P that contains a graded solution (e.g. quiz) should not be used for exams or summative assessment tasks. You must manually edit the H5P column in the grade center to remove it from grade centre calculations.

In order to track H5P in Grade Centre, you need to add the H5P as a link and ensure that it is set to Protected mode, so that students' results can be tracked. Note that H5Ps added in this way can only be opened in a new browser tab an cannot be embedded on the page.

  1. Click Build Content>Add H5P content.

  2. Open or create a H5P from the library, then set the Publish settings to Protected mode.
  3. Set how you wish to track students' attempts (first, last or best). Click Save and Insert to create the link and add to Grade Centre.

Remove H5P results from grade calculations

  1. To access the grades, open Full Grade Centre from the Site Management toolbar located at the bottom left side of your learning site.

  2. The far-right column added to the Grade Centre will be the H5P activity, with the column named after the H5P title.

  3. Click on the chevron next to the H5P column and select Edit Column information.
  4. Turn off Grade Centre Calculations and Show this Column to Students to prevent scores from being included in student grades.
    Set the options as below.

(Please note - it's better to refer to the Online version rather than export, as it's always up to date)