Branching scenarios

What is a branching scenario?

A branching scenario is an interactive form of learning. It challenges students, requires them to make a decision, and then presents the consequences of that decision. As the learner makes decisions, the story unfolds, thereby making the learning interaction more engaging and fun. The following branching scenario example was produced by the Open University and illustrates how interactive case studies provide an engaging and powerful learning experience for students. This example uses video to illustrate the story but there is no reason that text, audio, visuals or other media couldn't be used instead. 

Building a branching scenario

You can build branching scenarios in PowerPoint by providing a set of links that students choose from, which take them to different slides (depending on their choices). 

Watch the following short video on the basics of creating a simple branching scenario in PowerPoint

You can also use shapes and other built-in features in PowerPoint to build more interactive scenarios.

The following video discusses the use of more PowerPoint tools to create more advanced branching scenarios

Remember that students will need access to the PowerPoint presentation so they can run the branching scenario on their own device, and then discuss their choices in the tutorial or lecture. You also have the option of sharing the presentation by saving to Onedrive - which can be opened in Powerpoint online.

Branching scenarios are an excellent opportunity for students to apply their understanding, as they link theory to practice and create a deeper understanding of the concepts.  


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