Unit writing milestone guidelines (undergraduate)

The checklist below provides a guide for writing a unit for a unit assessor or a writing team. This may be used as a self-check and is intended as a guideline only.

Unit code:                                                                    Unit name:                                                                            Year:



Action needed

Assemble resources and team

Unit statement (as approved by Academic Board)

Note Digital Resources production schedule for relevant session

Contracts/workloads organised

Moderator allocated (disciplinary colleague)

Design phase

Decide on your overarching theme/concept (what are the key ideas that a student will take away from your unit)

Map out learning outcomes and add to UCMS/Unit Outline (UO)

Design assessment (and add to UCMS/UO), check alignment with SCU assessment policy

Blueprint learning plan including learning activities

Check completed blueprint with Associate Dean Education



Action needed

Development phase

Unit Outline finalised

Writing sample (e.g. one module to discuss with CTL rep and/or colleague)

Develop a full draft of unit

Seek feedback from CTL rep and/or colleague

Decide on appropriate resources, media, and readings that need to be sourced and/or developed

Production phase

Construct Blackboard site independently or in consultation with CTL

Study resources, readings and relevant supplementary materials to CTL/DR for production

Unit assessor signs off on unit production two weeks before teaching commences

Review phase

School determines level of review (e.g. major rewrite, minor rewrite, roll over)

Follow-up on action items from previous session unit review and amend UIG for next offering