Create H5P: CTL staff info

Add users that you wish to collaborate with. They must be SCU users and you use their SCU email address.

Note for CTL: You should share the H5P content with the Unit Assessor and with QA (email address here). QA will need to check it and will then be able to grant additional access to other editors if you are not available.

Content shared in Organisational Folders are available for everyone to use.

Note to CTL: eventually, this will be where we will store templates. Please suggest to QA any H5Ps that you think will make a good template.

Edit H5P content on your site

After uploading existing H5P content, you can edit it by clicking on the link in your Blackboard site and clicking on the Edit button, or via the Build Content, H5P Content menu.

You may edit all fields in the H5P. Saving will update the H5P in your Blackboard site as well.

Note to CTL: Access directly via the site is not being recommended to academic developers.