Turnitin & Grade Centre workaround to avoid students seeing assignment scores

Turnitin assignments do have the capacity to show students SCU Letter Grades, however, students are able to see their score when accessing the feedback. The workaround outlined below will ensure your students do not see a score and instead only see a letter grade for their Turnitin assignment. The workaround involves setting up an extra column in the Grade Centre that is set to show only SCU Letter Grades, and markers input results.

1. Create your Turnitin assignment but make the assignment worth 0 marks.

2.  Go to the Grade Centre and from the drop-down options in the Turnitin column hide the column from users (students).

A dark grey circle with a red line through it signals a column hidden from students.

3. Create a column in the Grade Centre for entering grades and uploading feedback.

This column will be visible to users (students) and included in calculations.

To view the similarity report for a Turnitin assignment

Click on the icon in the Report column to view a student’s originality report.

Interpreting the similarity report

The similarity report gives a Similarity Index, a measure of how much of the text in the submitted assignment matches other documents in the Turnitin database.

Please note that this index is not a measure of plagiarism. Turnitin cannot make any judgements about the nature of the matched text it identifies. It is up to teachers and students to interpret the report. Matches from coversheets, reference lists and from common strings of words can inflate the Similarity Index. It can pick up similarity even if a student has correctly paraphrased and/or quoted and referenced their sources accurately. You cannot go on the percentage figure alone.

Uploading feedback to students

Uploading of marked assignments and/or feedback is done one assignment, one student at a time through the Grade Centre.

Column 1 will display the yellow exclamation mark to indicate a student has submitted their assignment. Note: This column is hidden from the student.

Column 2 (A1 Feedback) is where you enter the score/grade and submit feedback to students.

Note: This column will be the one visible to students.

  1. In the Feedback column select View Grade Details from the dropdown options for the relevant cell.
  2. From View Grade Details enter the grade/score in the Current Grade Value field (if you enter a score it will translate into the grade when you exit and the student will only see the grade).
  3. In the Feedback to User text box, you can write feedback comments and/or select the Insert file icon on the third row and attach the student feedback file.
  4. When you click on the paperclip icon a pop-up window opens up - select Browse My Computer, find the feedback file and click Submit.
  5. The file will appear in the feedback to user window (see screenshot above).
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the screen – you can then click on the arrow at the top centre of the screen to move to the next student.

More information on Turnitin

(Please note - it's better to refer to the Online version rather than export, as it's always up to date)