I am a supervisor. How do I complete an Action Plan in RiskWare?

Supervisors and managers have additional responsibility with respect to investigating and actioning hazards and incidents reported by staff and students under their direction. This responsibility is captured in the Action Plan function in RiskWare.

An Action Plan must be completed by the relevant supervisor for every report submitted.

Action Plan completion rates are reported to the SCU Executive on a regular basis.  

  1. Log on to RiskWare.
  2. Select Incident/Hazard Register option.

3. View Assigned Incidents/Hazards register and select View Details of the report you are completing an action plan for.

4. Review all report details to ensure they are clear and accurate. If following consultation with the reporting individual adjustments are required to the report, use the icon to make required changes followed by the icon. 

5. Once you are satisfied all details in the report are clear and accurate, select either the Action Plan tab (example below) or the icon at the top of the page to access the Action Plan.

6. Enter the immediate action you took after being notified of the hazard or incident and whether the individual reporting was provided with information on available support services eg. Employee Assistance Program for staff and Student Counselling for students. 

7. Select the appropriate risk rating (coloured box) relevant to the time of the hazard or incident. Contact Workplace Health and Safety if you require any assistance with this step. 

8. Determine if the risk can be eliminated by selecting Yes or No. 

If the risk cannot be eliminated, include the control measures that have or will be implemented to effectively manage the risk. Advice on appropriate controls can be sought from Workplace Health and Safety as well as on relevant safety regulator websites such as Safe Work Australia.

Enter control/s, select an appropriate Target Completion Date, allocate the task as required by selecting the icon (eg. to yourself, a member of your team - the most suitable person) and tick the checkbox once the action has been completed. Please note if the action is yet to be completed the individual responsible for the action will have the ability to access the Action Plan at a later time and tick the checkbox once it has been finalised.

Controls must be added individually. To add control measures, select the link and additional rows will be added to the bottom of the table.

If a control requires action from Property Services, a separate request submitted via the Archibus system is required. 

9. Reassess the risk and select the appropriate risk rating (coloured box) following the implementation of control measures.

10. Advise if the incident is 'notifiable' by selecting Yes. Clarification on what is defined as a 'notifiable incident' is included in the light blue prompt box on the right side of the screen.

11. Finalise and submit the Action Plan by selecting the icon. The icon will only display in dark orange and allow a supervisor to submit their Action Plan once all required fields have been completed.