How do I log an incident or hazard in RiskWare?

  1. Log on to RiskWare.

  2. Select Incident/Hazard Reporting option.

3. Select relevant reporting option. This will depend on whether you're reporting an incident or a hazard. 

4. Complete all fields by entering detailed and accurate information into available free-text sections, or by selecting appropriate options in the available drop-down menus. Use the available icon to search menu options. All sections marked withare mandatory fields and must be completed in order to progress to the next page of the report.


5. If completing an incident report on behalf of another person, such as a staff member, student, visitor or contractor, ensure the Another Person option is selected in the 'Who sustained this incident?' section. Reports submitted on behalf of SCU staff or students will generate a confirmation email to the individual advising that a report has been submitted as well as enabling their access to the report. 

6. If at any stage throughout the form mandatory fields have been missed or incorrectly completed, an Information message will display at the top right corner of the screen. An example is included below. Follow the directions included in the message to enable you to progress through the report. 

7. Once all required fields on a page have been completed, the Next button at the top of the screen will display in orange and allow you to progress to the next page on the report. 

8. All reports will automatically be directed to the relevant supervisor for the reporting staff member or student (this reporting line structure is informed by SCU staff and student systems). In some circumstances a report may need to be directed to another supervisor and in this case an alternate supervisor can be selected via the 'Assign to' section by using the available icon. 

Reports can also be submitted confidentially to HR Services by selecting the Yes option in this section. The below message will display to any individual submitting a confidential report. A member of the HR Services team will be in contact with the individual reporting to discuss the matter and next steps. More information on confidential reporting in RiskWare can be found in Can a RiskWare report be submitted confidentially?.

9. Once all required fields on all report pages have been completed, the below message will display. Select to submit the report.