Can I delegate my supervisor authority to another staff member while I'm on leave?

Yes. It is recommended that supervisors who will be on a period of extended leave arrange for their authority to be delegated to another appropriate staff member. This ensures ongoing coverage and management of all RiskWare reports raised by team members. 

To delegate access:

  1.  Log on to RiskWare.
  2. Select Incidents/Hazard Register option.
  3. Select Delegation option in top menu. 

4. Use the Search button and select the relevant staff member who will be delegated your authority by clicking on their name to highlight (as can be seen in example below). Once name is selected, click the Add >> button and then tick the checkbox to ensure the staff member will receive notification emails for reports and required actions. Leave the checkbox at the bottom of the screen marked to ensure you also receive email notifications that relate to reports your staff submit.