Can a RiskWare report be submitted confidentially?

Yes. If appropriate, please also refer to Staff Complaint Policy and Procedures and Students and Members of the Public Complaints Policy.

  1. If you are reporting on behalf of someone else and if the report should not be shared with the individual affected, such as a concern for welfare report, select Yes in response to 'Do you want to keep this incident confidential from your Supervisor?'. You will then be shown the below confidentiality message. After closing the Confidentiality Statement window, a second question of 'Do you require that this incident remains Confidential from the Affected Person?' will then present to which you can select the Yes option.  

      2. If reporting confidentially to HR Services for yourself select Yes in the 'Assign to' section

The below Confidentiality Statement window will then display to any individual submitting a confidential report.

A member of the HR Services team will be in contact with the individual reporting to discuss the matter and next steps.